Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sonlight and Saxon Math K

We started the day with an early morning reading of Milly Molly Mandy (chapter 9) still cuddling in bed.  I think the boys like the book well enough.

For table work time, Munchkin chose to work on his Sonlight Development Workbook first. He is on Workbook #3 and completed pages 8-11.  He is finally enjoying these workbooks again.  For the last month he has not wanted to do any work in them because he just lost interest...I think Workbook 1 and 2 were just too easy for him.  Workbook #3 appears to be just the right amount of challenge right now.  He was enjoying it so much and doing such detailed coloring (usually he prefers not to color it but just circle the answers) that he worked on it for about an hour.  I let him go because he was enjoying it so much.

Next, he chose Saxon K math.  We usually do between 3 and 5 lessons each day (because I am trying to get through the Kindergarten book...it's pretty easy for him...before we officially start in August/September).  They are super quick and we will definitely take it one lesson at a time when we start Saxon 1. His favorite part is the "Meeting Book".  He enjoys it so much that today he spent a good 30 minutes doing it.  It usually only takes 10 minutes or less but he wanted to embellish every page with spider webs and pictures.  Again, I let him be because he enjoys it SO much.

Anyway, today he continued to work on counting by fives.  I have been using the Montessori Hundred Board tiles to supplement our skip counting and this really seems to be working. 
The tiles are kept in the little basket (in random order) and he unscrambles them
After successfully counting by fives (without looking), we practiced counting nickels, writing amounts, and continued to count by five (cents).
 Then we played "store".
Munchkin always does really well with this game. After this (and because Ditto was awake and very distracting) he was done for the day.