Friday, June 7, 2013

Letter of the Week - D is for...


Books that we read and liked:

We are also currently reading Doctor Dolittle in Munchkin's school and Ditto is (surprisingly) sitting through and enjoying every page!

Books that we read and liked:
 Superdog: The Heart of a Hero (I found this one randomly at the library and in addition to it being about a dog, the dog's name was Dex...perfect!)
Harry the Dirty Dog
Harry and the Lady Next Door (I had Munchkin read this one to Ditto. Such an adorable moment...wish I'd caught it on camera.)
Detective Dog and the Disappearing Doughnuts
If You Give a Dog a Donut

Activities/Arts & Crafts:
I love his concentration face (pokey lips)!
He enjoyed this dog more than I thought he would've.
He especially enjoyed making it longer and then shorter.

So cute...
...and so happy!
He then made this dog by painting a paper plate (orange was his color of choice), filling it with beans and stapling it closed, then taping on the body parts.
 In the morning, we read these books while eating donuts for our morning snack.
Then Ditto chose this activity from his shelf. It was a simple Kumon Cut and Paste activity but he created even more cutting and pasting practice for himself...(and even some writing practice).
He was simply supposed to cut out the mouth at the bottom of the page and glue it on to the dog's face...

The finished product!
And then he decided he wanted to write the word "dog" all by sweet!

Letter Craft: 


I am including this picture to show that I let Ditto decide how he would like his letter crafts to be and to do them all by himself. When I came up with this, I imagined the feet being much closer together and the feathers being here (I took this picture when he wasn't looking). But Ditto, as usual, had something different (and I think so much more him) in mind...
The final product! I also thought that he would want to use the googly eye I provided but he wanted the marker and to draw on a that's just what he did! I love it!