Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sonlight K - Week 19 Day 1

Read-Aloud: In celebration of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, we read Abraham Lincoln. It is a very long book and I thought it was quite "deep" but it was enjoyed by Munchkin and Ditto (he sat through the last half of the book).  Munchkin even asked me to read it again immediately after finishing it!

We also finished up reading No Children, No Pets. It seemed a rough going in the beginning but in the end, I think, Munchkin enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we will start reading our new book - A Grain of Rice.

For pure enjoyment, we are also reading The Wizard of Oz and Winnie the Pooh again (both of which we will watch the original movies for when we are done reading the books).

Math: We didn't get to it today. Tomorrow we will try to complete Lesson 77 and 78 to catch-up.

Spelling: We continued working on vowel-consonant-silent E words.  He did very well on his test. Out of six phrases, he only spelled the word "truck" incorrectly (truk). And out of six sentences, he spelled "pole" incorrectly (pul).

Science: The focus was on trees and leaves in our Children's Encyclopedia. To expand on our learning and understanding of trees, Munchkin did a Parts of a Tree worksheet and some Montessori types of trees three-part cards (Oak, Laurel, Maple, etc.).  Ditto helped with the matching of the "just picture" part of the three-part cards. For the leaf section of our reading, we did these fall leaf matching cards. To finish off, we read Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf. This is great book to go with this topic.  We did a Munchkin found counting the rings of a tree to learn its age the most fascinating part if this lesson. 

Language Arts: Munchkin continued practicing his reading. His flow and intonation when reading are coming along quite well.