Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sonlight Core A - Week 24 Day 5

Since there are no extra activities provided for the Under the Sea book assigned to be read on day 5, if possible, I come up with an arts and craft for the boys to do (related to whatever they are learning).  Today, we read about jellyfish (and flatfish but I couldn't find anything to do for that) so we made some jellyfish.
Ditto is always looking to see how brother does things (although, at least this time he chose a different color)

I love the his face when he is concentrating!
Munchkin refused to smile in the picture because he said jellyfish don't smile...such my serious child.
Update 6/1/2013: They are still playing with these everyday. They love to run around and make the legs wave behind them.  Fun project!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Interactive Bible Book - The Creation Day 6

For today, we worked on making a spiral snake (Satan).  Although I do not want my children focusing on Satan in the story of the creation, I knew they would really enjoy this craft...
This is Ditto's...this pattern came from one of my new favorite websites - Danielle's Place
and this is Munchkin's's hard to see on Ditto's but the step I did not take pictures of was the boys adding scales by painting bubble wrap and pressing it on the pattern.
and here's what it looks like flat...Munchkin's final product.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sonlight Core A - Week 24 Day 4

Munchkin is always so sweet about letting Ditto help with his science work.

All of the projects are ready to be observed (the cucumber has actually already started expressing water).

Sonlight Core A - Week 24 Day 3

A failed science experiment...
...the balloon didn't contract in the cold water...
...and the balloon didn't expand in the hot water.
Despite the experiment not going as planned, the boys enjoyed themselves anyway...THEY LOVE SCIENCE!