Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sonlight Core A - Week 24 Day 5

Since there are no extra activities provided for the Under the Sea book assigned to be read on day 5, if possible, I come up with an arts and craft for the boys to do (related to whatever they are learning).  Today, we read about jellyfish (and flatfish but I couldn't find anything to do for that) so we made some jellyfish.
Ditto is always looking to see how brother does things (although, at least this time he chose a different color)

I love the his face when he is concentrating!
Munchkin refused to smile in the picture because he said jellyfish don't smile...such my serious child.
Update 6/1/2013: They are still playing with these everyday. They love to run around and make the legs wave behind them.  Fun project!

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