Friday, November 2, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 8

Among other things, this week we worked on lots of math.

Each day, Saxon Math 1 asks the child to count from 1 to 100. That would be too easy and too boring for Munchkin, so to "spice" things up, I have him use his Montessori Hundreds Board. He has the entire week to work on it and I already noticed that through this process he is beginning to understand number patterns.
He began learning his +1 addition facts. We used our hundred chart and ghost counters to understand the +1 concept...
...and also number cards to understand the +1 concept
Since it is the month of October and the week of Halloween, we used our felt pumpkin and ghost erasers to act out addition stories.
Changing the manipulatives we use definitely keeps his interest.
He continued to work on the double facts. To make things fun (and not just review flashcards) we played this Slides and Ladders game...
 He absolutely loved this game!
After playing this a few times, over multiple days, he got better and better...
The first worksheet he completed, he scored 5 out of 25, next worksheet - 15 out of 25.  (At the time I am posting this - 11/09/12 - he now regularly scores 25 out of 25 on his double facts.)

We also started an Art curriculum as part of Munchkin's kindergarten curriculum.  We are using program called Meet the Masters
This is just the introductory lesson. He was fascinated and is very excited for his dad to complete the lesson by doing the hands-on portion next week. 

Great week!

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