Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 5 Day 4

One of Munchkin's favorite part of our schooling is traveling the world learning about other cultures.  This week we have been learning about the Vikings and each day, as soon as we start school, he dresses up in his homemade Viking costume...
...and listens attentively as we read about the clothes the Vikings wore, the food they ate, their homes, and finally, today, their ships. He loves it! And today and yesterday, Ditto even sat in on our lessons to read about what the Vikings ate and their ships.

To celebrate our week of learning about the Vikings, after I put Ditto down for his nap, Munchkin watched Lyle, the Kindly Viking. Then, while I was eating lunch, he came to me all on his own and asked if I would show him what Viking letters looked like.  I found this image and he wrote and drew this picture...
It has been a fun Viking week!

For our language lesson today (Lesson 73), I read Munchkin The Snow Man by Mildred Plew Meigs and then asked him to retell it to me.

He had such a tough time with this.  He kept asking me if he could just read it because he couldn't remember anything about it.  I told him we would just take a little break and try again later today or tomorrow.  (We'll see what I can come up with to help him understand how to do this better.)

In math today, Munchkin was introduced to fractions...
put together is a whole
taken apart is half
and then we enjoyed a delicious snack and...
...saved the seeds for a future math lesson
Number writing practice (we each circle our favorite and discuss why they are our favorites - we both liked all  number 16s)

this week we are asking ourselves, "Do all apples have the same amount of seeds? Does each half of an apple always have the same amount of seeds?" Throughout the coming days, we will be eating 9 more apples, recording the seed information, and then graphing our findings to answer our questions
 In All About Reading, we worked on the "nk" blend.
 And we finished our day with a little math review...
Short bead stair memorization work
 And finally, Munchkin worked with some Montessori materials...teens board. This is very easy work for him but I just wanted to make sure I didn't make any assumptions as far as his understanding of numbers.

Meanwhile, Ditto did not take a nap today so he joined us for some of our school time today. He kept very focused and busy by working on these Halloween/Fall pattern cards and manipulatives.  I am just working on matching with his right now and later will begin to work on continuing the pattern. 
Another great day!

My hubby and I are heading to Chicago tomorrow (our first couples trip since before Munchkin was born...that's 5 years) and we don't get back till Tuesday so we won't have any school posts for a few days.  

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