Friday, January 9, 2015

Homeschool Week: 1/5/2015

This week began our Dinosaur Adventures
To start Munchkin worked on measuring our toy dinosaurs with a ruler

He loved this!
Then we moved on to What Is It? Cards.  Munchkin had to guess what dinosaur was being referenced by reading 3 clues.

After he finished this, Munchkin matched up our toy dinosaurs with the descriptions to double check his answers.

Dinosaur terms for spelling and then he used the index in the dinosaur encyclopedia (which he read in its entirety) to correct his spelling.

Munchkin worked on place value by matching dinosaur halves 

Arts and Crafts:
We started our major craft - paper mache dinosaur egg.

So messy but so fun and such a great finished product! (to be seen in next weeks post)
The dinosaur skeletons I ordered arrived just in time.  So without looking at the names on the bottom, Munchkin had to match each skeleton to the dinosaur.

Then he did a pattern block design of a dinosaur.

And, of course, he had to add his own special touch to it (he said it was missing the tale)!
 And then he invented his own.
Finishing up the Childcraft Dinosaur Encyclopedia
Language Arts:
Working on plural word endings -es or -s

Love his "searching" face!
Counting on his fingers. He only missed two but we need to practice so much more. He should already be doing multiplication.
 Language Arts:
Counting the syllables in dinosaur names

And then, of course, he wanted time to explore the materials!
 Arts and Crafts:
Applying our second layer of paper mache

So messy!
Waiting to dry.
Working on the cover to his dinosaur lapbook.

First insert - "A diplodicus is as long as three buses."

We probably did a few other activities I forgot to take pictures of but if I don't take a picture, I often forget.  That's why my goal is to make sure to capture his work. Well, until next week!

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