Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tot School {Letter B}

Letter: Bb
Object: Ball
Color: Blue
Vocabulary Development Theme: Outdoor Fun
~Sweet Pea is 24 months old~ 
See Tot School Printables for the printables for this unit.

Sweet Pea is obsessed with playdough. So, of course that is the first thing he chose.
 Then he worked on the the letter page and I showed him how to trace it.

Then, of course, he just wanted to draw...and he is drawing the most adorable stick figures these days.

I love that he loves this pose right now!

I caught my "Little Monkey" swinging from the dining table - everything he does is just so cute!
On to the Dot Marker Page

He is so precise with these.  Dotting just the balls and then - "Done Mom. Next activity."

Such a ham!
always asking me to take a picture of him - and then wanting to look at it on the camera.
On to his Letter B basket

This "Things That Start with B" page had to be one of the highlights of the week.  Sweet Pea traced the letters ALL BY HIMSELF! So sweet!

and then he started to draw...
and then he traced some more...

 And then for the first time, he meticulously colored every bit of the surrounding pictures.

And in between coloring, drew pictures.

When then moved on to our Color Blue Tray.  
I always love the look of excitement on Sweet Pea's face as I announce and then bring out his next activity.


And then - back to playdough.  He cannot get enough of playdough.

He really worked hard at coloring in his "Color Balls" this week.

 Then back onto his "Letter B Basket"
He really enjoyed tracing the letters on these Kumon cards.
We then dug into our B letter sound bag and practiced our pronunciation and vocabulary development.
Looking through the binoculars!

Munchkin joined in on exploring the items
And, of course, the puzzles are always well loved!
 He actually did stamping this week (with assistance from me on the whole stamp pad, paper, stamp pad pattern).

 And then I got the idea to paint with blue paint.

It is very interesting to see this part of his personality coming through - he painted over every bit of this ball.
While we were working on his stamping and painting, Munchkin went upstairs and drew this adorable picture of a Brontasaurus. Sweet Pea loved it and it is still stuck to one of our kitchen cabinets.

He enjoyed the 3-Part Puzzle a little.
He enjoyed the sequencing a teeny bit.
And he enjoyed the sensory bin a LOT!
I found all of my blue sorting and pouring utensils. And then I used Brown Beans for the base. 

His favorite part of the bin was by far this blue jar I put in there.
 He loved filling it a little and listening to the sound as he shook it and then filling it up to the top.
I decided to laminate and use this mat for playdough this week.  He tolerated a little bit but otherwise didn't seem to care.  I don't know if I'll do this next week.
 I got out a Melissa and Doug alphabet puzzle. It's only 12 pieces and as expected he loved it! He couldn't do any of it on his own but nonetheless, he really enjoys just putting the pieces together (which is great for his hand-eye coordination).
 I finally finished this file folder I began making two weeks ago.  It was worth making, he really enjoyed it. He's really into file folder games these days!

 I hid the number cards in the sensory bin again.  He was into it but for a much shorter time than last week.

I used a little psychology with him on this sheet and while his brothers were sitting at the table I said, "Boys, Sweet Pea is going to show you how well he can do his trace page." I got him all excited about it and then...
 All by himself!
 I thought I'd try these linking shapes on the lace card/ball this week. Sweet Pea did about 4 before he was ready to move on to the next activity.

 For shapes this week, I got out our Melissa and Doug shape sorter that we have had for 6 years.  He really enjoyed it and correctly found about half of the shapes all by himself.

 Back to playdough
 And again...

I added buttons to the mix which he really liked!
 Then he painted bubble wrap and we pressed it onto a B outline and I cut it out.

checkin' out the paint on his hands

again...the way he makes sure to cover every little bit! I actually had to stop him because the paint was drying.  In retrospect (and in future weeks), I'll make it a point to just let him keep going.

Then we pressed our B outline paper on.
 He liked this so much he wanted to press on his doodle paper from earlier in the afternoon.

Then he wanted to paint it!
So happy!
 We did a few more activities that I didn't get pictures of like bubbles and we read a few of our B books.  It was another great week!

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