Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum

For the Munchkin this year, I have the following curriculum planned:
  • Schiller Math (I already have all of the Montessori materials needed for this curriculum so this was exactly what I needed to get me actually using them)
  • All About Reading (we have already been using this for the last couple of months and are already on Lesson 19. I will be adjusting this to our Montessori needs/desires by using our Moveable Alphabet instead of their magnet board letters or flashcards and our cursive sandpaper letters (single and double) instead of their phonogram cards)
  • Sonlight (Science A and Core A - covering all of our read-alouds, History, and Geography...I will be supplementing Geography especially with all of our Montessori puzzle maps, among many other things)
  • Childsize-Masterpieces Level 1 through whichever level we get to (I will not be using this as directed but rather as a starting off point for my husband to work his magic - as talked about here.)
  • And a homemade Book of Mormon curriculum/study (Munchkin requested that we study the Book of Mormon this year so instead of using Sonlight's Bible Curriculum, I have been working on organizing our own Book of Mormon curriculum. It will involve Book of Mormon Stories, Book of Mormon Reader, the Book of Mormon Camp talked about on this blog, learning songs from the Children's Songbook, and scripture memorization...I know the boys are going to LOVE this!)
(FYI: Munchkin is 5 years old as of June. He breezed through and thoroughly enjoyed Sonlight P4 and Saxon K! I have not figured out when we will officially start Kindergarten...during this "summer break" we are still having school daily of reading and language...upon request...)

I just know we are going to have a great year...filled with lots of fun enrichment activities!

Update (8/14/2012): When I first wrote this I had not received my Shiller Math Lesson Book in the mail yet.  Well, I received it today and although I haven't used it yet with my son, I believe this will not be enough as a solo math curriculum for my Munchkin.  I have decided to take out my Saxon 1 math (I ordered it about 3 months ago when I ordered my Sonlight curriculum) and have decided to use it and the Shiller Math together.  I think this will work best and I know that my son LOVED Saxon K.  

Another update (11/9/2012): I should have updated this a while ago but I ended up returning the Schiller book.  For someone who has zero Montessori knowledge the Schiller curriculum may work but I did not care for it.  We have been and are continuing to use just Saxon Math 1 (supplemented with Montessori materials). 

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