Monday, August 27, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 1 Day 1

The first day of KinderFirst (aka Kindergrade or Firstgarden).

We had a great first day and did a LOT of fun much so that I completely forgot to take very many pictures.  So here's what I have:

during our History lesson we learned about dinosaurs so while I read I took out our Dinosaur Magnets, Dinosaur Felt and Felt Board, and Miniature Dinosaurs for the boys to play with. We also read the Magic School Bus book about dinosaurs that Munchkin received for his birthday
For Saxon Math 1 - Lesson #1, instead of just counting 1-30 as the Teacher's Manual suggested, I used our Montessori Hundred's Board to have Munchkin place the numbers 1-30 in the correct place.  He really enjoyed this!

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