Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sonlight K: Week 1–Day 3

Finished up All About Reading Lesson #22
Language Lessons for Little Ones - Lesson 50 (Munchkin made up a story about the painting he is looking at)
Eight Kittens Playing by Munchkin 
 Once upon a time there were eight kittens and the eight kittens were playing and building blocks but the blocks were really just tree branches. Now it’s time for a little secret: the kittens are superheroes. There was an orange and black kitten but it was a baby superhero. And that orange and black kitten’s name was “Superman” which meant he was the best superhero in the world. And they saw a tiger, and a bear, and a lion, and they saw a tiger. And the kittens were flying right into middle of the wild animals mouth and they were going to steal all their teeth. and they didn’t leave a single tooth. And then all of their teeth were gone and then the kittens took out their own teeth and then took all their own fur out and put all their fur on the wild animals and then took out all the wild animals fur and they put the wild animals fur on themselves. And then they took the lions mane and put it on one of the kittens and then all of the wild animals started to roar at them so the roaring made those kittens run away. So, the kittens took the wild animals’ roaring voice and the kittens took their meowing voice and the kittens gave the meowing voice to wild animals and they got the wild animals roaring voices and they had the roaring voices so they all think they are just baby ones but they are really kittens.
They found beetles and they were the kittens food.
The End
Saxon Math 1 - Lesson #2 (building linking cube towers to match numbers)
Lesson #2 After Lesson Worksheet
Munchkin tries to always find a way to make his work fun, many times that includes being very detailed in his work
The Story About Ping copywork

I stress to Munchkin the importance of always doing his very best work so here he is taking his time to produce his very best handwriting
We are rowing The Story About Ping this week even though it only scheduled in the Sonlight IG for a one day reading on Friday. Both boys are loving the story and all of the activities.
Munchkin made this Paper Plate Duck
He loved it! (No matter how many times I asked, Ditto was not interested in making one...unusual! - I'll try again tomorrow)

After reading about seasons in our science book, the boys watched a video about the seasons (they both enjoyed it and wanted to watch it a few times)

then they each enjoyed two Maple Leaf Vanilla-Filled Cookies from Trader Joe's - to celebrate one of our seasons, of course!
When Daddy got home, the boys were able to snuggle up with Daddy for a wonderful The Story About Ping art lesson from the FIAR Manual
It was on "viewpoint" - hence, the different views of a remote control (object chosen by the boys)

Studying different viewpoints of "Doggie"

"Doggie" from the front and from below

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