Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sonlight P4 Week 30

Among other things the boys worked on the Developmental Activity included in this weeks Sonlight IG.  They worked on this for about an hour and loved every minute.
Notice Ditto's one macaroni in each large squeeze of glue

So handsome!
Ditto's Final Product

Munchkin's Final Product (a sun with grass and animals and a bird)

Munchkin (at 5) was much more meticulous than Ditto (at 2.5) as expected.  For Ditto, the glue was definitely the most enjoyable part of this activity for him (luckily, I recently purchased a 1 gallon container of school glue).  For Munchkin, he actually made a picture with grass, a tiger, a volcano, and a sun. I'll just say that Ditto's took four days to dry completely.

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