Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 1 Day 4

After our morning Book of Mormon reading, Munchkin worked on an activity from Book of Mormon Reader
The boys doing our first experiment for science - learning that "air is all around" and fanning themselves with pieces of cardboard

Having a "balloon race" (instead of paper race as the book suggested - the boys love balloons)
learning that the "empty" bottle is not actually empty... is filled with air - hence the bubbles
after reading about The First People, we went outside to do some cave painting

Munchkin (who actually read the lesson with me) drew pictures of animals - here he is putting the finishing touches on a lion
we also read about how the First People ground their wheat with rocks to make bread with. So, we ground our own wheat...but luckily, we used our machine.

All About Reading Lesson #23 (he is doing SO well with this program)
Language Lessons for Little Ones - Lesson #51 (He drew a picture of our next door neighbor's cat)
Saxon Math 1 - Lesson #3 (Today we used our Montessori Hundred Board to count up to 40)

Saxon Math 1 - Lesson #3 After the Lesson Worksheet
After reading Chapter 4 of The Boxcar Children, we enjoyed fresh "brown bread" (that we baked earlier - see wheat grinding above), "fine yellow cheese", and a "bottle of milk".  We all LOVED it! Munchkin loved it so much that in his prayers tonight, he thanked Heavenly Father for The Boxcar sweet!

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