Friday, August 31, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 1 Day 5

We had a light (as far as academics go) and fun day which ended with Daddy coming home early from work (that never happens) and a trip to the beach.  But here's some of the fun things we did for The Story About Ping before heading to the beach...
Munchkin worked on his gluing skills using a Kumon Duck page

So proud of his work..and he did this all by himself
This was Ditto's first experience using Tangrams on a pattern and I think he did very well!
He thought so too!

Working on the letter sounds using the word "duck" from our Melissa and Doug See and Spell
Munchkin's turn with the Tangrams

He did pretty well too!

Ditto snuck away to read our go-along book for The Story About Ping - The Little Duck

Munchkin worked on The Story About Ping story sequencing cards from Homeschool Share
 Lapbook Pages

And this year I decided to use a passport I got when I used to receive Highlights Magazines for the Munchkin. As we travel to each country in our Before Five in a Rows or Five in a Rows...

...we will add a stamp for the place (China stamp in place for The Story About Ping). Munchkin is loving this!
The little bit of "academic" work we did today was a lesson from our Saxon Math 1 book.

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