Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 1 Day 2

Working on his The Story About Ping lapbook (FYI: Munchkin colored the stars, I colored most of the red flag, and he is finishing up the red)

Ditto's Kumon Coloring of a duck (his version of The Story About Ping work)

He was so proud - as he should be...he really took his time and worked really hard on doing his best coloring

I love his concentration face

To go with our reading of The Boxcar Children we learned about the Food Pyramid...he worked really hard on this poster and was so proud of it he included it in a mural that he has been working on for the past week

Munchkin's Fruit and Vegetable Diary - we've learned he does great with his fruit, not so good with his vegetables
while reading The Boxcar Children we learned that they ate blueberries and milk (Ch. 3) so Munchkin had his own treat of blueberries and ice cream (milk)
I love this candid shot! Can you tell he loved it?

Reportedly, his favorite part of the day - during science, learning about how when it is daytime on one side of the earth, it is nighttime on the other
we were in our dark garage to do this lesson and surprising to me, after I finished presenting it to him, he asked if he could stay in the garage a little longer to do the lesson himself

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