Monday, September 3, 2012

Finishing Activities for "The Story About Ping"

I've included some of the other activities we've done for The Story About Ping in my previous posts but these last two we did on a Saturday (non-school day) and I wanted to make sure to include them on the blog.

First up, we enjoyed a Chinese lunch. We had homemade egg rolls...

 ...and Munchkins first question when I brought his plate to the table was, "Is there duck in these?" (He remembered our discussion earlier in the week about duck being a commonly eaten dish in China.)
The boys working hard at using their chopsticks
With much persistence, Ditto managed to pick up his egg rolls twice but...
...eventually settled on using his fingers (the best utensils)
 We ran out of time on Friday but on Monday (Labor Day) we finally made it to the duck pond/park.
 Wonderful memories!

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