Monday, September 24, 2012

Mother Goose Curriculum - August Day

The boys had fun with the activities today...especially Ditto.
he loves these new "twistable" colored pencils we have (they are so easy to travel with too)
 He made a hammer "color-hunter" by coloring then covering the head with foil...

he really enjoyed cutting the foil...
...and using the rubber cement.
We played a game where I named a color and he had to look around the room, find the color, and hammer it...
Found yellow!
found orange!
He LOVED this game!
Found white!
and then my little Mozart needed to play a few keys...
We then played a movement game where Ditto threw this block and we had to do whatever action it landed on...

And lastly, we played a game. This was Ditto's first time playing a board game and he did "pretty" well.  I had to talk quite a bit with Munchkin about patience and then I promised him that we would play later the "right way".  I just focused on matching with Ditto.

Nevertheless, we all had fun!

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