Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 2 Day 2

Language Lessons for Little Ones - Lesson 53 through 55 
Saxon Math 1 - Lesson 6 (Instead of using the Hundred Chart provided in the Meeting Book, we use our Montessori Hundred Chart)

For the lesson, Munchkin had to identify a circle... (I knew this would be way to easy for him but I think sometimes it is good to have an overly easy lesson)...and then find things in the room that had the same shape
He did the same with a square
we did some tower building with linking cubes (he worked on basic addition and subtraction)...
...and his After Lesson Worksheet (he is really working on always doing his best work)
For History, we began learning about Egypt. After stamping our passports, we read the selection in assigned in Sonlight and then made clay pots.

Ditto didn't want to work with the clay so he worked in playdough

All About Reading - Finishing Up Lesson 24
All About Reading Lesson 25
For Science, Munchkin recorded the weather each day this week

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