Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 2 Day 3

I woke up bright and early in order to have time to get dressed, have family scripture study time, read a chapter of The Boxcar Children, make our companion meal, and still get the boys to swim lessons by 8:30AM...believe it or not we were actually early to class.

breakfast made exactly as described in Chapter 6 of The Boxcar Children (eggs made with a little salt and milk - cooked in brown butter and brown bread with butter)

The boys LOVED this dish and devoured every bite of it (both also had seconds of bread)

On Monday I bought Munchkin a composition notebook at The Dollar Tree on Monday and last night I decided to pull out the Modge Podge and embellish it a little bit...
His reaction was better than I could have expected...he HUGGED it!

...and just stared at it asking when were we going to get to science for the day
He couldn't wait so he started by recording our science projects from last week on the first pages
We learned about clouds during science and then went outside to see what kind of clouds were in the sky...
Despite it being such a clear sky we were so thankful to find these clouds in the sky (I darkened the picture so they would show up better)
Munchkin came back inside and drew a picture of which type of clouds he thought they were (...stratus)
 Afterward we read "Cloudette" (great book by the way) and then we made clouds in a jar.  This was such a fun activity...the boys spent an hour working with them.

Ditto checking out his "rain"

Sonlight Science Activity Pages
Language Lessons for Little Ones - Lesson 55 through 56
Saxon Math 1 - Lesson 7 (Making a graph of cars, trucks, and bikes)
All About Reading Lesson 26 (gameboard where we worked on double letter endings, i.e. glass, still, etc.)

For our study of Egypt today, we wrote secret messages to each other using hieroglyphics (Munchkin's note said, "I love you") sweet!

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