Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sonlight K - Science Sunday

In order to get caught up on a few science experiments (and for Dad's help) we got caught up on our Science work this weekend.  We started by making a volcano with Dad...
Of course Munchkin wanted to add a vent to his volcano...

close-up of vent
the finished product...time to set outside to dry.
In the meantime we started our next experiment...observing the components of our soil...

Munchkin really liked shaking up the jar.

Jar being set out to begin the separation process...
While we wait for the volcano to dry and the soil to separate, we begin our third science experiment...observing leaf litter.

In the meantime...our soil begins to separate.

examining our leaf litter...
we were both hoping to find something living in our leaf litter... such luck! Nevertheless, it was interesting.
Munchkin then spent a little time recording our experiments in his science journal
the next day, our soil had completed the separation process and showed just what makes our tomatoes, peaches, tangerines, green beans, and hopefully apples (in a year or two) taste so good...sand (the bottom layer is mostly sand)!
 In the evening, after our volcano had dried, the boys got to take turns making it erupt...

the boys loved this so much...they wanted to do MORE...out came the baking soda

the final hurrah.

happy boys!

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