Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 4 Day 2

To begin today, we started with math because we didn't get to it yesterday.  So, this week we will do math Tuesday through Friday (instead of our usual Monday through Thursday).  We started with Lesson #13 - Munchkin had to find things in the room that had a triangular shape...it was hard work but he found...
...sharks teeth on Ditto's nesting boxes
...the shark's dorsal fin
...our tangrams
We then moved on to a shape sorting exercise (the triangles - three sides and angles, from the non-triangles)

I then drew these two circles on our white board and wrote specific numbers in each and asked him to figure out what attribute I used to sort the numbers. He figured out very quickly (numbers with curves on the left and numbers without curves on the right).
He then completed the After Lesson Worksheet (#13A)
Because I wasn't as prepared as I should have been (I lead Ditto's Joy School at my house this morning), for reading I just asked Munchkin to pick his favorite story from our reading book and re-read it today. (I'm prepping for tomorrow right now so that doesn't happen again.)
He worked on his page in his Sonlight Developmental Workbook from Pre-K.
He enjoyed doing this art study from his Language Lessons for Little ones - Lesson #66 and #67
And finally we got through a few of our Five in a Row activities for Storm in the Night
Social Studies: Relationships
Munchkin's answers to a couple of questions in the FIAR manual:
(How did Grandfather show love to Thomas?) Keeps telling him stories.
(Is there someone you like to share stories with and spend time with?) You (meaning me - I promis this was completely unprompted)

Social Studies: Emotions {Fear} 
(...ask him if there is something that bothers him.) I'm afraid of stegosaurus spikes even though I know all dinosaurs are dead. 

Really great day! And I am surprised and thankful that we got through as much as we did considering 
the morning was filled with Ditto's school.

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