Monday, September 10, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 3 Day 1

Today we read Chapter 9 of The Boxcar Children and in it the children ate cherry dumplings.  I debated about keeping true to the book but I just couldn't do Ditto and I made Apple "Dumplings". Not quite but it is basically an apple cinnamon mixture fried inside of an eggroll wrapper and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar.
They were delicious!

After our treat we started Saxon Math 1 - Lesson 9
Very focused on the task at hand (putting his numbers cards in order - very easy work but it never hurts to do things you're already good at)
All on his own (and with much enjoyment), he decided to rearrange the numbers and form two digit numbers
Who knew a five year old could enjoy math so much
"Serious Munchkin" getting down to business on his After Lesson Worksheet
All About Reading - Lesson 28
He LOVED this story! He literally cracked up after every page.

After reading from our assigned reading about snowflakes in the Weather book, we made snowflakes using borax. It will be ready tomorrow morning (hopefully).

Then we read about "Electric Skies" in the Weather book and for a follow-up read Thunder Cake. Before reading, in an after to work on Munchkin's critical thinking and reading skills, I asked him to predict what he thought a thunder cake is...

After reading Thunder Cake and learning about some of the fears on the little girl, we discussed some of Munchkin's fears
We finally worked on our Egyptian collars (I intended to do this activity on Friday but we never got to it)
Ditto enjoying his Thunder Cake on his own
Using metal insets to make a template for a pyramid

So proud of his pyramid!
 And lastly, for today's lesson in Language Lessons for Little Ones (Lesson 58), Munchkin was to tell me a story about something he liked to do under a tree.  Here it is:

Once upon a time I was playing in the mud by the tangerine tree. And I was playing with People. It was fun! Then I had to take a bath because it was my birthday. 

The End

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