Friday, September 21, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 4 Day 5

Munchkin is working hard this week to get caught up after basically missing school on Wednesday.  So today, we worked on the work we had scheduled for yesterday.

He started with an Assessment worksheet to confirm his understanding thus far.  As expected, he aced it!
We then worked on addition and subtraction. I decided to switch things up a bit for Munchkin and do something I knew would intrigue manipulatives and an apple bowl to put them in.
Munchkin did really well figuring out the answers to my "apple story problems" and coming up with his own.
He then completed his worksheet...
...and Developmental Workbook...
We also did all of our read-aloud reading (with Ditto, of course) and then we went to Karate class and the grocery store to get a few last minutes things for our special dinner...
Under Munchkin's instruction, and just like the Romans as he kept reminding us, we had - First Course: Salad (cucumbers and lettuce), Main Course: whole chicken, artisan bread, and Boar's Head (salami), Final Course: fresh fruit (plums, grapes, and peaches).

I truly have never seen Munchkin so happy at dinner!

The boys are learning how to eat chicken legs (horizontal...not vertical)

bowl of water used to clean our hands after each course
really enjoying the Roman way of eating...laying down while eating grapes :)
So happy after eating a great meal!


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