Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 5 Day 3

This week we "rowed" Storm in the Night.  Both boys (and myself)  really enjoyed this book. Today we spent a great deal of the day doing Storm in the Night activities.

In order to cement his learning on onomatopoeia, we made this craft (on each raindrop I had him think up a descriptive word for weather sounds)
There is a part in this book where the Grandfather describes a man...I had Munchkin draw, based on the Grandfather's description, a picture of what he thought the man looked like.
He also learned about italics and their purpose and we went on a italics hunt throughout the book...I then read the sentence so he could hear the affect italics have when being read.
 He then wrote this story to try his hand at using italics...
The Viking Ship
Once upon a time there were six Vikings on a Viking ship. They wanted to go catch a people. And one said to another, "Which landmark should we go to? Should we go left or right?"
And the other pirate said to that one, "I think we should go to the left."
And the other pirate said, "I think that's a great idea!"
So they went left and they all went out of the ship onto the landmark. The chief said, "We should look for food and bury our treasure."
And then they hopped out of the ship and buried the treasure. But then one big army Roman soldier came. And the Vikings were dead. And the Roman Army took the ship from the Vikings.
And they lived happily ever after.

He loves writing stories!
For art, he tried using sharp chalk on dark blue paper to make raindrops like in the book
For science, we learned about deserts...
We watched a very interested and short video about fennec foxes...
...and then for a special treat the boys watched a Magic School Bus episode about the desert ...while eating popcorn...on the couch!
Great day!

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