Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 3 Day 2

For most of our school today, we had my sister joining us (she took us out to lunch for my birthday - the big 30 today).  I must say, it was actually really nice having her join us!

Among other things...

Munchkin showed off his reading skills for Auntie by finishing his All About Reading Lesson 28
He completed his Lesson 10 written and oral assessment in Saxon Math 1 (FYI: He received a perfect score!)
We finally completed his Egyptian collar (I had planned for this to be done last Friday - but it was worth the wait). Here he is showing off his collar and shooting an imaginary bow and arrow. By the way, he spent the rest of the day pretending to be an Egyptian and playing "Egyptian games" with Ditto (always a willing participant in his brother's creations).
For Science, we learned about wind and to demonstrate wind and the varying degrees (we had discussed how wind is measured on a scale of 1 to 12 - 12 being a hurricane), we tied streamers to our box fan. (By the smile on her face, Auntie was enjoying this activity, too.)
He liked this so much he did it for about 15 minutes...

He changed the speed of the fan and we observed the difference in way the streamers blew and tried to guess where the speed of the wind would measure on the wind scale.
Our other science topic for the day was "terrible twisters" so we made a tornado in a jar for our activity. Here Munchkin is shaking it up...

I love this boy!
We added food coloring and even though it made it a little harder to see, Munchkin was happy!

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