Monday, September 17, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 4 Day 1

Getting back into the swing of things we had school today.  Even though Munchkin was feeling a little under the weather, we discussed the importance of being productive even when sick but still taking care of ourselves. So, here's some of the things we did today...
We are headed to Rome this week so Munchkin added his Italy stamp to his passport.
After reading about Ancient Rome, both boys chose to color Roman coloring pages (Ditto chose a gladiator and Munchkin chose a Roman Soldier)
My best attempt at making a toga for him out of a bed sheet...he loved it!
He continued to color and work in his toga up until lunch time.
Then he decided he wanted to become a Roman Soldier so he made this "costume" himself (we worked on the "paper towel spear" together).

After I laid Ditto down for his nap, we worked on catching up on our Science worksheets.
He is working hard on his handwriting (I don't ask him to write everything but I encourage him to write at least some of his responses...he's usually very willing).
After reading about Rocks and Fossils in Science, I took out Munchkin's rock collection (most of which he received from Aunt Tatiana and boys for Christmas) and he immediately went to find out which rock would write on paper (graphite, of course).
He was very please with this!
He proceeded to draw a very detailed picture.
He also discovered the beauty of a magnifying glass.
He thought this large rock his Dad brought back from a camping trip was very interesting.
He made sure to record his finding in his Science Journal.
After exploring rocks further, Munchkin worked making a homemade fossil using clay and sea shells.
As usual, he made this assignment his own...
After Ditto woke up and while enjoying his snack, he joined us for our Language Lessons #64 and #65
For Family Home Evening, we decided to do Munchkin's Science lesson as our activity...

Dad is SO good at this...

I am so thankful he was able to do this with the boys. They loved it...
Ditto even added a smiley face to the top of our spool.
The finished product...our very own homemade weather vane.

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