Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sonlight K - Week 3 Day 3

Today was another great day. We still didn't get a chance to make a Thunder Cake (my friend brought me a delicious homemade almond cake for my birthday) so we will make that tomorrow or more likely on Sunday.

As far as what we did accomplish today...
We baked potatoes in the oven just as The Boxcar Children did in Chapter 10
The boys enjoyed piercing the potatoes
We ate a delicious lunch of baked potatoes with butter and salt (just like in the book) and we added chili and a LOT of sharp cheddar cheese (the boys favorite).
Munchkin completed Saxon Math 1 - Lesson 11

I asked him to complete just one line of 10s but, on his own accord, he decided to fill the entire page with his "best number 10s)
We also practiced first, second, and third using our kitchen chairs as a train
All About Reading - Lesson 30
He's still loving these stories too (my goal this weekend is to pick up some books he can read on his own from the library).
And finally, for Science, we built wind catchers...
The final product in action.
And finally, we have left Egypt and traveled to Greece for a one day visit. For dinner, my husband picked up Gyros for dinner and I'm happy to say the boys loved it.

 I didn't take a picture but after dinner my husband shared some pictures with the boys of his trip to Greece. Wonderful Day!

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